Cucumber Seeds

No summer garden should be without cucumbers. They are very easy to grow and are very prolific. Cucumbers can be grown either indoors or out, but if you are looking for the long green types found in shops then a heated greenhouse is a must. Both types are delicious and so satisfying to grow. ‘All female’ hybrids give the surest results producing almost all female flowers virtually eliminating the need to remove male flowers. These require a moist, warm, frost-free greenhouse or polytunnel.

How to Sow and Grow Cucumbers
Sow indoors 0.5cm (¼in) deep, on edge, in small pots of compost. Water well then place in a warm position, a temperature of 20-25°C(68-77°F) is ideal. Keep moist. Seedlings usually appear in 7-21 days. When plants have developed 3 or 4 leaves, transplant to 12cm (5in) pots and grow on in cooler, but not cold conditions. Plant out to a greenhouse border, large pots or grow bags, we suggest you try Growpots as they are easy to use and allow accurate watering and feeding. Provide support and train plants up canes, string or netting. Pinch out growing tips when they reach the roof. Male flowers (these without a swelling behind the flower) may occasionally form, especially if the plant become stressed, these should be removed. For outdoor types, gradually acclimatise young plants to outside conditions then plant into finely prepared soil in a sunny sheltered location. Allow 60cm(2ft) between rows. These outdoor types also crop well in growing bags and large pots.