Autumn Sowing Flower Seeds

At Mr Fothergill's, we believe gardening is for everyone, and there's something truly special about growing flowers from seed. Our flower seeds to sow in autumn offer a fantastic way to get a head start on your garden, allowing you to enjoy big, beautiful blooms by next spring.

Whether you prefer to start your seeds indoors or outdoors, autumn is the perfect time to plant a wide range of flower seeds in a variety of sorts of colours. Browse our full selection of flower seeds to sow in autumn below, including poppy seeds, viola seeds, and many more.

Why Grow Flower Seeds to Sow in Autumn?

One of the joys of growing from seed is witnessing the full life cycle of your plants, from tiny seeds to stunning flowers. It's a wonderful project that you can enjoy alone or with your family.

Autumn seeds benefit from plenty of time to develop a robust root system, leading to healthier and more resilient plants. The resulting spring flowers will not only brighten up your garden but will also attract valuable pollinators, such as bees and butterflies.

Our selection of autumn sowing flower seeds includes favourites like big, colourful poppies and delicate sweet pea seeds, known for their lovely fragrance and climbing habit. St John's wort, viola, and coleus each offer unique beauty and charm, making them perfect additions to your autumn planting list.

Order Your Autumn Sowing Flower Seeds Today

With Mr Fothergill’s, you can experience the joy and satisfaction of growing your own beautiful flowers from seed. All of our seeds, from autumn sowing to spring sowing flower seeds, are quality tested to ensure the best germination rates – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Order your flower seeds to sow in autumn today and start your journey towards a colourful and flourishing garden. Shop now for fast UK delivery, with P&P starting from just £1.95.