Oriental Vegetable Seeds

Oriental vegetables have become more and more popular in recent years thanks to a growing desire to cook easy oriental dishes at home and a preference to use authentic ingredients and flavours. These leafy vegetables, also recognised for their health benefits, can be sown direct in the ground or in pots and containers, with the same ease and speed with which they can be prepared and cooked.

How to Sow and Grow Oriental Vegetables
Oriental vegetables do well in a range of different soils, as long as they are fertile and kept moist. We suggest mulching in some organic matter well before sowing to help preserve moisture. They dislike hot weather, so spring and summer sown crops are best for ‘cut and come again’ baby leaves, late summer/autumn sown crops for mature plants. Sow outdoors, thinly where they are to crop, 1.5cm(½in) deep directly into finely prepared soil which has already been watered. Keep well-watered in dry spells.

Harvest unthinned as baby leaves or thin as necessary to produce mature plants. Regular sowings made every two to three weeks will ensure a continuous supply. For sowing and harvest dates see individual varieties.