Cucumber Seeds

Cucumbers are a classic choice for vegetable gardens, providing fresh and crunchy produce for salads and snacks. At Mr. Fothergill's, we offer a range of cucumber seeds to choose from, all boasting high germination rates and strong, healthy growth.

Our Cucumber Marketmore Seeds are perfect for those looking for a classic cucumber. These robust plants produce long, straight, dark green cucumbers with a crisp texture and refreshing taste, ideal for slicing and adding to your salads. For smaller spaces, our Cucumber Mini Munch Seeds yield small, sweet cucumbers that are perfect for snacking. Browse our full range of cucumber seeds below.

Why Choose Our Cucumber Seeds?

Growing cucumber seeds is a brilliant choice for any budding or experienced home gardener. With a light, refreshing taste, cucumbers are perfect for salads, sandwiches, pickling, or even garnishing cocktails. Their crisp texture is even better when freshly picked – an experience you just can’t match with supermarket produce.

Nutritionally, cucumbers are low in calories but great for hydration, thanks to their high water content. They’re also easy seeds to grow and can be grown in gardens big or small. They can be trained to climb trellises, making them suitable for gardens with limited space or for growing on balconies and patios. 

Pair cucumber seeds with other salad favourites from our range, like cherry tomato seeds, lettuce seeds, and radish seeds, to create a thriving and productive garden.

Order Our Cucumber Seeds Today

Here at Mr Fothergill's, we believe that growing your own vegetables should be simple, fun, and rewarding for everyone. All of our seeds and plants, including our vegetable seeds, are carefully selected for top-quality crops and high germination rates – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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