Pepper Plants

Pepper plants add a burst of vibrant colour and spicy or sweet flavour that nothing else does, making them a must-have for home growers. With Mr Fothergill’s extensive pepper plant range, you’ll find the perfect varieties to spice up your garden and add a kick to your home-cooked meals. 

Whether you prefer the heat of cayenne or the mild flavour of sweet peppers, our plants make it easy to grow your own tasty peppers at home. Most cultivars thrive in pots, making them an excellent first venture for new vegetable gardeners – and buying them as established plants makes growing them even easier. Explore our full pepper plant collection below. 

Why Choose Our Pepper Plants?

Even if you don’t have much outdoor space, you can enjoy your own home-grown peppers with our easy-to-grow vegetable plants. Our pepper plants thrive in warm conditions and can be grown in garden beds, containers, or greenhouses – or even indoors. They’re a great low-maintenance alternative to growing pepper seeds from scratch.

Peppers are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Our pepper plant selection includes a variety of heat levels, from mild to hot, ensuring that every gardener can find a pepper that suits their taste. Sweet peppers, like our Yellow Bell and Big Ben varieties, can be stuffed, grilled, or added to salads for a crunchy, nutritious boost. If you’re feeling adventurous, hot peppers such as Apache F1 and De Cayenne add a spicy kick to salsas, sauces, and marinades.

Order Your Pepper Plant Today

At Mr Fothergill's, we’re here to make gardening easy and enjoyable for everyone. We take pride in offering the highest quality vegetable garden seeds and plants and guarantee 100% satisfaction on all orders. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you with every step of your growing journey.

Every pepper plant in our range is hand-selected and dispatched at the perfect time for planting. Order now and start growing the kitchen garden of your dreams.