Blight Resistant Tomato Seeds

Blight is a frustrating problem for any gardener to deal with when growing tomatoes from seed. At Mr Fothergill’s, within our extensive tomato seeds collection, we offer a range of blight-resistant tomato seeds to help guarantee a healthy, fruitful crop, no matter the conditions. 

Thanks to our wet climate, tomato blight is common in the UK. This fungal disease attacks the foliage and fruit of tomato plants, causing decay and collapse. It spreads surprisingly quickly and can often lead to loss of the entire tomato yield.

Our blight-resistant tomato seeds have been expertly bred for their ability to fight off disease and infection. Choose from varieties such as the sweet and succulent Mountain Magic F1 to the tangy Merrygold F1 cherry.

What Are Blight Resistant Tomatoes?

Tomato blight is a fungal disease marked by patches of rapidly spreading brown rot on the leaves, stems, and fruit. It is most common outdoors, but can also be found in humid greenhouses. Young plants are particularly vulnerable, posing a challenge for home gardeners growing tomatoes from seed.

To combat this, specialist plant breeders have developed blight-resistant tomato seeds that are less susceptible to infection. These seeds are selectively bred from strong, healthy tomato plants that exhibit naturally high levels of immunity.

Modern blight-resistant hybrids are far less likely to succumb to disease – meaning you can enjoy higher yields of juicy, delicious tomatoes. Our selection includes both determinate and indeterminate varieties suitable for growing in your greenhouse or garden.

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Here at Mr Fothergill's, we believe that growing your own vegetables should be simple, fun, and rewarding for everyone. All of our seeds, from disease-resistant vegetable seeds to exhibition seeds, are carefully selected for the best germination rates and highest quality crops.

Order your blight-resistant tomato seeds today and benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee. With fast UK delivery from just £1.95 on seed orders, the garden of your dreams is just a click away.