Bulk Deal 30 x 15ltr Bags Orgro Manure

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Orgro is concentrated 100% organic manure that is perfect for a host of uses around the garden.

Orgro is up to 6 times more concentrated than farmyard manure and a little goes a long way. Yet it is kind to plants and will not scorch them.

Orgro can only benefit your garden - apply through the growing season for a bigger blooms and higher yields.

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to offshore islands (including Scottish Islands, Isle of Scilly, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and Isle of Man) and Northern Ireland.

  • Orgro allows you to feed your garden naturally: it is not factory produced fertilizers nor is it a substitute for farmyard manure.
  • Orgro is a concentrated organic manure that would provide the nutrients your plants need- ALL OVER THE GARDEN! Orgro gives you the opportunity to feed your garden with 100% natural manure.
  • Orgro can be used in confidence on lawns, vegetables, bulbs, pot plants, perennials, trees, shrubs, roses, hedges and all types of fruit trees, fruit plants and bushes.
  • Orgro is safe to use with lime hating ericaceous plants.
  • Orgro can be used straight from the packet and it is easy to handle.
  • Orgro is safe to use anywhere in the garden because it is 100% organic and therefore rich in humus. Humus is vital to a healthy plant growth. It aerates and improves the structure of your soil.
  • Orgro works for you in two ways: the immediate benefit for your plants and the long lasting effect of soil enrichment.
  • Orgro is 100% organic manure, thoroughly and naturally composted and then shredded to produce a well textured manure which is easy to work with.
  • Orgro can be used to prepare the ground and as a top dressing during the growing season. The application rates are only a guide.

Application rates: Generally apply Orgro accordingly to the quality of your soil. 3 - 4 handfuls to the sq. yard/meter to the lightly forked or raked in to the topsoil.
Each bag will treat up to 220 sq. yards/184 sq. metres at Lawn Rate.

Flowers and Bedding Plants: Before planting out annual and bedding plants fork in 3 – 6 handfuls per sq. yard/meter. Top dress perennials with 2 -4 handfuls per sq. yard/meter in early spring and autumn.

Roses: Dig in about 4 handfuls under new bushes and spread about 2 - 3 handfuls around each bush in early spring and again when buds are beginning to appear.

Lawns: Spread about 3- 6 handfuls per sq. yard/meter in the spring and once or twice during the growing season. Water in well during dry weather.

Vegetables: Fork in 6- 8 handfuls per sq. yard/meter before planting: brassicas, lettuces, onions, carrots, beans and other vegetables. Improve your yields by applying two or three top dressing during the growing season.

Fruit Trees and Soft Fruits: Apply 3- 4 handfuls in spring and autumn around the base of fruit tress, bushes and canes.

Compost: Orgro is an excellent compost activator, it helps to generate heat and enriching the compost. Any left overs can be put to good use in the compost heap.

Liquid feed: soak the well punctured bag in the large tank (or use a polythene bag in a bucket). The resulting liquid will treat the area even larger than 184 sq. meter/220 sq. yard per bag we claim for dry use.

Please Note: Orgro is highly moisture absorbent and it means that the weight of the sack may vary by several pounds. The volume in each sack is the same - you will get the same coverage from the sack.

Please ensure you check recommended application rates as Orgro is up to 6 times more concentrated than farmyard manure and a little goes a long way.

Bulk Deal 30 x 15ltr Bags Orgro Manure

Orgro Concentrated Manure Soil Fertiliser is 100% organic manure that is perfect for a host of uses around the garden. Orgro is up to 6 times more concentrated than farmyard manure and a little goes a long way. Yet it is kind to plants and will not scorch them.

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