Win 3x 9cm potted plants of Rhubarb and a seed bundle worth £50

Rhubarb Naming Competition

What would you call our fantastic new Rhubarb?

Now’s your chance to make your mark and help us give this fantastic new variety its


Why is it so special?

During a trip to one of the many plant trials that we visit, our buyer found a fantastic looking rhubarb growing in their trial beds that really stood out from the rest. Some stems were harvested and cooked that very evening and the taste matched the beautiful colour. We soon snapped up this variety and developed it further to quickly produce many more plants on our nursery.

Our expert team of top-class growers and breeders have been working extremely hard
behind the scenes and we now have enough plants to release this wonderful new Rhubarb variety to you all


This plant is a strong grower, quickly producing so many stems for harvest with the jungle green stems heavily flushed with a beautiful rosy-red when ready for picking.

Continues cropping

It not only has the look and taste of a top variety, but it will keep on cropping – unlike many rhubarb varieties it doesn’t go dormant in the summer. The dormancy has been bred out so that you can enjoy harvesting from as early as February if you force it and continue through to November – a whole 10 months of the year to eat fresh rhubarb!

Sweet taste

The deliciously sweet taste has just a touch of the typical and characteristic sharpness that we all love about rhubarb – simply the best we have tried for many years!