New PEAT FREE seed compost

Boost seed germination and root development

Your solution for healthy plants!

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Contains slow-release nutrients and seaweed to give the perfect balance of feed from germination to seedlings
Retains moisture and encourages healthy root growth
Our coir is produced as a by-product of coconut processing. It’s ethically sourced from sustainable sources

Tried and tested by the team here at Mr Fothergill’s, our peat-free compost is a superior choice when compared to our competitors. The peat-free formula has been extensively tested
and refined to deliver exceptional results, promoting healthier plant growth and robust root systems. With Mr Fothergill’s, gardeners can trust this premium-quality peat-free compost that not only nurtures seeds or plants, but also gives an eco-friendly and sustainable way in which to grow.

How to use


Remove the card sleeve and recycle when finished with


Unwrap the bag from around the compost block and open out, keeping the compost in the bottom. Add 3ltrs of clean, lukewarm water


Leave for 5 minutes to allow the water to soak into the block


After 5 minutes mix up the compost, breaking up any lumps. Add more water if necessary. Compost is ready to use