Get Growing veg with David Domoney – for mind, body and flavour!

Get Growing veg with David Domoney – for mind, body and flavour!

Have you thought about starting to grow vegetables, but you feel it is all a bit overwhelming, too difficult, or not sure of the benefits? Well, gardening has many advantages and eating vegetables grown in your own garden is a great way to ensure you are getting the best nutrition, flavour, and value.

Gardening is good for us. It makes us happy because the physical exercise releases endorphins which create positive feelings. Iowa State University has conducted scientific research and suggests that planting can burn 177 calories in men and 135 calories in women every hour, and weeding can burn 157 calories for men and 156 for women![1] If you are not convinced yet… Gardening is a creative art that allows us to express ourselves, but also is a way of caring for something, it enriches our lives, giving us satisfaction, pride and a sense of purpose.[2]

To help make gardening more accessible for everyone, Mr Fothergill’s has teamed up with well-known gardening expert David Domoney to create the Get Growing seed range aimed at newcomers to the ‘Grow-Your-Own’ revolution. The collection comprises the most reliable vegetable varieties in the Mr Fothergill’s range, plus quick and easy to use seed mats and tapes, for no-nonsense, minimal effort sowing.

Though aimed at building confidence and ensuring success among new gardeners, both novice and experienced growers will benefit from the tried and tested range of quality seeds. Each type of vegetable offered has been narrowed down to a single variety, chosen by our experts as one of the most productive and reliable of its type. Each seed packet offers simple, easy to follow and jargon-free growing instructions and reference icons, while a QR code on every packet links gardener’s to further ‘on the spot’ advice from David’s website

David Domoney said: "I am delighted to be working with the team at Mr Fothergill’s. Growing seeds is such great fun, and I want my range to encourage many more budding gardeners to get growing from seed. Whether garden experts or first-timers connecting with a plant, the moment seed germinates is a special experience that everyone should enjoy."

 Head over to David Domoney Seed range From Mr Fothergill's Seeds ( or visit your local garden centre for the full range.


 [2] Gardening as a mental health intervention: A Review by Jane Clatworthy, Joe Hinds and Paul M. Camic

 Gardening: The Feel Good Factor by Thrive

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