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Guide To Gardening Gifts

Guide To Gardening Gifts
For anyone seeking thoughtful yet inexpensive gifts for gardening friends and family, you’re in the right place.

We have a range of options available, with gifts for beginner gardeners and for those with more experience under their belt. There are also some great choices for kids interested in getting their hands dirty too.

Gardening Gifts Under £10

A fail-safe gift option for any gardener is a collection of seeds. It means you can give them something they’ll enjoy in the months to come, whether flowers and plants or fruit and veg.
Our RHS flower collection is full to the brim with great flower options. You could opt for an easy to grow collection, or look for something uniquely magical like this Jilly Sweet Pea.
If your gardening gift is for someone who has limited space, giving them this RHS seed mix of herbs for containers may be just the ticket.
Deadheading snips are a helpful addition to any gardener's tool kit. These are a lightweight, pocket-sized option, suitable for a range of tasks around the garden.

Gardening Gifts Under £20

Every gardener worth their salt needs a dibber. And this bamboo dibber is an especially beautiful one.
These vine scissors are designed perfectly for intricate pruning or harvesting fruit. They’ll also last a lifetime, so a thoughtful gift for a long-time friend.
For those wanting to keep their garden neat and tidy, a bamboo spade hoe, also known as a spud hoe, might be the perfect fit as it's one of the great traditional tools for maintaining an already established border.
For gardeners who love to take their produce into the kitchen and cook up a feast, consider gifting a Simply Veg Seedbox or the Pots About Veg Seedbox. And to remember what’s what in amongst vegetable beds, take a look at these stunning copper plant labels.

Gardening Gifts Under £50

Keen gardeners are often looking for ways to optimise their propagation processes and maximise the varieties of plants they grow. This non-electric windowsill propagator set gives someone receiving this gift the best chance to do exactly that.

Gifting a wooden raised bed can elevate the aesthetics of a garden and create a lovely space for plants and vegetables to thrive.

For those who like to keep hedges and trees in shape, these lightweight shears will let them do this in style and with ease. Or gift a sabre tooth tri-edged saw for super easy tree pruning.

A wonderful gift that can be enjoyed quickly, is a calibrachoa cabaret flower plant collection. These are plants, not seeds, and so easy to tend and ideal for window boxes and containers.

Gardening Gifts Over £50

When the budget is bigger, think about boosting your friend’s love of gardening with the addition of a cold frame to their outside space. This wooden cold frame is a beautiful option or consider a larger metal cold frame ready to house allsorts of plants.

Rooting sponge propagation kits can fast-track the process of propagation. And a garden potting bench is a lovely addition to a gardening space, allowing for easy preparation and maintenance.

Lastly in this collection of gifts is a mini garden greenhouse. This gift not only looks great, but offers green-fingered friends the chance to grow and enjoy a wider variety of plants.

Gardening Gifts for Kids

If you’re thinking about gifting to kids, these bamboo mini garden tools are a fabulous choice. They are aesthetically pleasing and durable too, so no need to worry about breakages.
Getting started with gardening should be exciting. This excitement can also carry through to the kitchen where we can eat and cook with what we’ve grown. This Heavenly Herb Seedbox is a lovely way to introduce children to this process.

Gifts for Bird Lovers

This Flutter Butter® Window Feeder makes for an ideal secondary feeding point in any garden. It’s somewhere to put a few extra treats out and see the birds enjoy them up close.
Bird feeders are always a lovely option for friends who love watching birds. It ticks the boxes of being both practical and thoughtful.
The Fat Ball Bunting Starter Pack is perfect for seasoned bird lovers and newbies alike. These balls brighten up a winter garden and attract many small bird species.

Gifts For Wildlife Enthusiasts

This is one that overlaps with bird lovers; a wooden robin nest box. This bird box has been specially designed for robins and is easy to install, so anyone can share the joy of seeing robins nest nearby.
Hedgehogs hold a special allure to many. If you have a friend or family member who is a keen hedgehog fan and maybe feeds them too, take a look at this cute ceramic hedgehog feeding dish.

Gifts That Keep on Giving; Fruit Plants

Fruiting plants truly are the gifts that keep on giving. Not only do they offer the chance to enjoy picking your own fruit, often metres from your kitchen, but they can also provide a harvest year after year.

For the low down on this gift option, take a look at our fruit plants collection. Or browse our unusual berries to find something for your gardener friend who loves finding new and exciting plants.

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