Bedding & Borders

Bedding & Borders

Mr Fothergill's bedding plants and border plants are a wonderful way to make your garden feel like home. Craft intricate arrangements of colours, heights, and textures to create a unique outdoor space that reflects your personal style.

Our range of bedding and border plants includes everything from cheerful sunflower seeds and fragrant sweet peas to classic rose plants and big, bright nasturtiums. Choose from ready-to-plant bulbs and plants or grow your own with our high-quality seeds. 

However you want to enhance your borders and flowerbeds, we have a range of options for beginner and seasoned gardeners alike.

How to Create Beautiful Beds and Borders

Creating beautiful beds and borders in your garden is simpler than you might think. Browse our wide selection of border and bedding plants to find your favourites – choose easy, ready-to-plant options or start your own from seed. 

Consider the colours, heights, and textures of the plants you choose. Create depth by grouping taller plants at the back and shorter ones at the front, and mix and match complementary colours and textures for a dynamic display.

Sow seeds according to the instructions or plant flower bulbs and plants directly in good-quality soil. Some bedding and border seeds are suitable for outdoor planting, whilst others should be sown indoors and moved outside later. Regular watering, feeding, pruning, and deadheading will keep your beds looking their best year after year.

Order Your Bedding and Border Plants Today

At Mr Fothergill's, we believe that gardening should be enjoyable and achievable for everyone. We have a range of high-quality, great-value bedding plants and border plants to buy online, including flowers for cutting, cottage garden flowers, and more. 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders, so you can shop with confidence. Buy your border and bedding plants today and enjoy fast UK delivery starting from just £1.95 on seed orders and £4.95 for plants.