Viresco Pond Clear

For a crystal clear pond with just one application!
  • Rids ponds of blanket weed and algae
  • Digests organic waste
  • Eliminates nitrates
  • Reduces phosphates
  • Improves pond water clarity
  • Promotes fish health
All Viresco Products:
  • Non-chemical – totally biological
  • Easy to use with a long shelf life
  • Long lasting – one application lasts many months
  • Harmless to fish, plants and wildlife, even if overdosed
  • Full instructions with every pack

For clean, clear water, healthier fish and more abundant wildlife nothing works as effectively and economically as Viresco. It uses a combination of different micro-organisms that clean water by removing the soluble nutrients on which algae feeds and digest the organic matter that makes ponds cloudy. One application can last many months.

Viresco® Aqua

Our best seller and suitable for most ponds especially wildlife friendly ones. Should be used to control blanketweed and green water in all other ponds. These will frequently have no bottom drains and the use of vacuums is infrequent. Ponds with aquatic plants should be treated with Viresco® Aqua.

Viresco® Professional

Contains mainly nutrient remover microbes and few waste digesting microbes. Use it therefore to control blanketweed in clean koi ponds. These ponds usually have bottom drains and the pondkeeper uses vacuums and skimmers. Therefore little organic detritus is present.

Viresco® Digester

Should be used when the organic waste in the pond is excessive and for dealing with specific problems, e.g. a build-up of organic matter in under gravel filters and also in sand filters where the microbes will remove the build-up of fats and protein on the surface of the sand particles.