Pumpkin & Squash Seeds

These vegetables are incredibly fun to grow – especially for children! They are low in calories and contain no saturated fats or cholesterol, some of the reasons why they are becoming increasingly popular.

How to Sow and Grow Pumpkins
Sow indoors, for surest results, 1.5cm(½in) deep, on edge, in small pots of moist compost. Water well and place in a warm position out of direct sunlight, 15-20°C(60-68°F) is ideal. Seedlings usually appear in 7-21 days. Accustom young plants to outdoors for 2-3 weeks before planting out to their cropping position (after frosts have stopped). Allow 90cm(3ft) between plants.

Sow outdoors, for ease, where they are to crop. Sow two seeds close together, 1.5cm(½in) deep directly into finely prepared, watered soil. Allow 90cm(3ft) between positions. Early sowings benefit from cloche protection. Thin to leave the stronger plant. Water well until plants establish, especially in dry spells. Pinch out growing tips when 4-5 fruits start to develop. Feed regularly with liquid fertiliser. Pumpkins do best in an open, sunny site and in fertile, moisture-retentive soil. They are frost tender and in colder areas it is advisable to sow seed indoors in warmer soil.